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The R4 DS is a gadget that fits into slot 1 on your Nintendo DS or DS lite console. The R4i works with the Nintendo DSi console.
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Attention - We now support V1.4 firmware, buy R4i DS cards.

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The R4 DS is an amazing device that works with the Nintendo gaming consoles, click below to buy one with a 4GB Micro SDHC memory card.


The all new R4 DS is an amazing accessory that allows you to backup the Nintendo DS games you already own.

You can get your R4 DS in two different versions:
R4, for both Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite; and R4I, for Nintendo DSI Lite.

Adding files to the R4 Card is a simple task, with a micro SD memory card. This memory card can be directly linked to your computer, using a micro SD memory card reader. Plug the card to the PC, download our R4 DS software, and in a few minutes you'll be able to send your data from your PC to the memory card and vice-versa. If you have any doubts, we've got some nice tutorials waiting for you on YouTube. R4 DS cards can also store photos, music, and video! How about watching some movies right on your DS? Plug the micro SD memory card to your PC, transfer your data to it... and enjoy! You can buy your R4 ds AND your micro SD memory card in a bundled package. Buying both at the same time would get you on the run right away! It doesn't matter how old or how young you are, what country you are from or what you now do as a job, at some point in your life you will have played games. Of course the games that we play in this day and age are vastly different from the games played by our ancestors, however even they participated in games. Now a days we are a generation that loves computer games and largely hand held games consoles. It is probably no surprise that Nintendo and their games consoles the DS and the DSi are market leaders in this field. However it has come to people's attention that now a days we want it all. We don't just want our games console to be able to play games. We want it to do so much more; hence the introduction of the R4 card. This slot flash card technology gadget transforms your DS or DSi into a device that can play you a film, let you listen to music or let you read a book. This reasonably new introduction is being advertised as the easy to use, friendly full solution for Nintendo DS owners. Don't worry if you own a Nintendo DSi then there is also a version of the card for you! To work it all you have to do is insert a micro SD memory card into the middle of the R4 ds. If you buy an R4 pack you will get an R4 DS card, a micro card reader and a protective case. It does not come with a micro SD card so if you do not have one of these you will need to buy one. Of course the capacity you chose is up to you but the more capacity the card has the better it is for your R4 ds. There are different versions of the R4 card available. Some hand hints are: To use the R4 ds version 2, you will need to have a micro SD or the micro SDHC card. If your micro card storage is more than 2GB, you should probably buy version 3 of the R4 card. The card may seem new to you but to those in the know it has been around for time and is proving very popular. Now demand is on the up and many stores and websites are taking notice and are now stocking this and competitive prices. It is useful that if you want to make full use of your card you should have some know how on how to download files.

May 30th

In recent times, Nintendo DS has emerged as a successful brand in the world of the gaming industry. Well, R4 revolution is responsible for this growing popularity. R4 games come with multiple features and are hence considered to be all the more interesting. Nintendo DS offers its users an exhilarating and innovative way through which you can utilize the handy portable gaming console together with the R4 DS flash memory card. There are innumerable online shopping venues that sell R4 DS for new R4i SDHC for Nintendo DS R4 DS, Nintendo DSi R4 SDHC, R4DS, R4DS Ultra, R4DS R4-III, to name a few. If you want to improve your entertainment and gaming experience then you can go in for the R4 card. With the help of the new R4DS card you are free to store your games in one Micro SD card. This implies that you don't need to have a set of game collection with you. Nintendo DS has turned out to be a powerful media and gaming station. In simple words, you can define the R4 DS card as a revolution for Nintendo DS. The newly introduced models comprise infinite number of R4DS games chiefly because of their high storage capacities. Hence, if you are a game lover then you can collect 'n' number of songs and movies with one R4 DS card. Nintendo DS R4 DS is known for its internet connectivity, wireless connections, R4 Firmware, videos and movies that are sure to appeal to the gamers.


Are you aware what do R4 DS stand for? Don't worry! If you don't know its meaning even then you don't need to worry because a lot of people are grappling with this problem. It is a device which helps you to play and enjoy games in your Nintendo DS. By using it, you can also play music files like the MP3's or watch movies, read e-books and can do much more. R4 DS is one of the useful devices which are very high in demand on these days. These are so much effective that the Nintendo owners can not imagine playing games without the R4 Ds or R4 Dsi. All the gaming players will always look for some new device for their games which will enhance their entertainment and stylish look of the games.

R4 Ds or R4 cards are fancy device which will add up to the comfort of your games. It is quite inexpensive and is available on different stores and online also. Online buying is comfortable and fast. Having information about R4 Ds is not sufficient, it is essential to know how it works. The first thing that a player will have to do is to store his or her games in a directory or a memory card. The RS DS players can save it in the microSD card. You can make your R4 DS or R4 Dsi more structured by making name based folders and dividing into categories of games etc. Having categories for your R4 DS or R4 Dsi games will make your browsing easier. You also need to make sure that you have a back up file for the R4 DS in case the microSD developes a snag. Using this way you can save all your files and have a back up too. Another useful advice for you, don't take out the R4 DS from the console whenever you add games or files in it. Since the introduction of DS R4, the demand is increasing and the online market has a lot of gamers and enthusiasts lining up for the instant buy of the R4 DS or R4 Dsi. It is a demand across the globe.

It is such a beautiful experience to visualize the Nintendo DS turning into an e-Book reader or an Mp3 player. So, if you also belong to them and have not purchased this amazing R4 Ds, then simply log on to a website and buy this R4 DS or R4 Dsi online. You are going to get a good discount offer and also get trial period of 30 days or around. If you are not happy with the results then you can return it back for full refund to replace your R4 DS with some other gadget. In case you are not satisfied with the device, you can even return it back for a full refund or replace your R4 DS for another gadget.


As the Nintendo DS does not come with the ability to use a rewritable storage the R4 team created the R4DS for the Nintendo DS consoles. The R4DS is a slot 1 card that allows the user to add different files to a Micro SD or SDHC memory card for their own personal use on the Nintendo DS or DS lite console. They are simply 'flash cards' and don't require any other additional accessories other than a memory card to operate.

The name R4 stands for 'revolution for' and the DS stands for 'Nintendo DS' and using the R4DS is certainly bringing about a revolution in the handheld gaming world, the likes of which has never been seen before. Before you were only able to play games on your Ds console, now thanks to the R4DS you can play any file type imaginable. Using the R4DS you can easily backup every game you own allowing you to easily carry them around with you all at once on the cool little Micro SD or SDHC memory card which can be used with the Nintendo DS console.

The R4DS is a small device but punches above its weight when it comes to features, the capacity of the R4DS can range from 2GB all the way up to 32GB with a larger Micro SDHC memory card which can be used to store your entire media collection for use on the move. You will need to download your manufacturer's software in order to work the R4DS, this can be done in seconds from the website listed on the front of the R4DS packet.


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What’s more, Purchasing gateway 3Ds through yeahgeek’s is 100% legal inventory and examined before sending. It delivers directly to the folks who create it. Should you purchase from different vendors, please beware of fakes, all the best!

Nintendo introduced their latest 2DS program, which might quickly transform the household Holiday wish list somewhat. Instead of getting your children one 3DS to share some parents are considering the one particular 2DS is needed by their children. And the following, this beauty Nintendo consoles is launched.

For all those people who've been for some time around gaming, the 2DS calls in your thoughts happy youth hours whiled away on the previous Gameboy devices – just so definitely better, these days. Without huddling near a light it is possible to begin to see the game.

With three children ages 7 and under, the 3D element wasn't a feature for that 3DS for me personally. It’s not suggested for children underneath seven years. Even though the 3D could not be switched off, I really like that today I will obtain a console with all the excellent features of the 3DS with no aspect we couldn’t use.

I really like the fact that the 2DS provides the power of operating both 3DS and DS collection of games, that are marvelous, in an enjoyable new mobile created for simplicity of use for that entry-level player. The children can all game together because of the instant connection, and also the adult settings would be the topping around the dessert. This really is it – the ideal game console for all our children for Christmas.

5 Reasons Why the R4i SDHC R4 3DS Card is Taking the Lead

There are many R4 3DS cards out there and each manufacturer is always making it a point to beat its competitors. The R4i SDHC R4 3DS Card is one of the most prominent R4 3DS cards on the market but it always lagged behind other R4 3DS cards like the R4i Gold, the R4 Wood, and the Sky3DS Plus.

Just recently, however, the fortunes have changed as the R4i SDHC R4 3DS Card is now the best card, at least, according to R4 3DS card owners. In this article, I will talk about the 5 Reasons why the R4i SDHC R4 3DS Card is slowly gaining traction among the R4 3DS cards community. 1. New 3DS Support. There is a new Nintendo 3DS released and some R4 3DS cards still do not have support for it. Luckily, the R4i SDHC R4 3DS Card has amazing support for the newer portable game console. Also, it works perfectly well with the old Nintendo 3DS as well, so you, either way, you will have a good time when using the R4i SDHC R4 3DS Card on either the new or old Nintendo 3DS.

2. Amazing Game lineup. The R4i SDHC R4 3DS Card comes with region-free support that allows you to play games no matter what region they are originally for. Also, it supports all of the games in the entire Nintendo 3DS roster and the manufacturers said that they will also have support for the upcoming Pokemon Sun and Moon game as well.

3. Fastest Dual-Core Processor. This is probably one of the biggest changes in the R4i SDHC R4 3DS Card. This R4 3DS card sports the fastest dual-core processor among other R4 3DS cards on the market, even going toe-to-toe with even the premium R4 3DS cards out there. For those of you who do not know, if you have a dual-core processor inside the R4 3DS card, it will always run faster as the processing time is cut in half. 4. Loads of Awesome Features. The R4i SDHC R4 3DS Card is not shy of features. It supports Download Play, Region-free gaming, themes support, and it also has extensive homebrew applications support that is further improved with the DLDI auto-patching feature. 5. Amazing after-sales support. The R4i SDHC R4 3DS Card has amazing after-sales support. After purchasing the R4i SDHC R4 3DS Card, just go to the manufacturer’s website and download the latest firmware/kernel update. This will ensure stability and performance improvements across the board. Furthermore, in the event that there will be new kernel updates, you will be notified when you’re using your Nintendo 3DS. I do have to caution that if you’re going to upgrade the R4 3DS card’s firmware, you need to fully charge your Nintendo 3DS first before doing it. The R4i SDHC R4 3DS Card is one of the best R4 3DS cards on the market today. It only costs $18 and it has some of the amazing features that every R4 3DS owner could ever want in an R4 3DS card.

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