r4 3ds

R4 3DS

With the R4 3DS you can take everything you loved about the R4i or R4DS and experience it on your 3DS console.
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R4 DS Cards:

r4 3ds

R4 3DS

The R4 3DS made for use with the Nintendo 3DS console and supports the latest firmware updates.


R4 3ds 2gb

R4 3DS 2GB

The R4 3DS for the 3DS console bundled with a 2GB Micro SD memory card for storing your files.


R4 3ds 4gb

R4 3DS 4GB

The R4 3DS with a 4GB micro SDHC memory card, ideal if you would like to store a bit more.


R4 3ds 8gb

R4 3DS 8GB

Our highest capacity R4 3DS, this comes with an 8GB micro SDHC memory card, ideal for storing a large amount of data.


R4 3DS

With the Nintendo 3DS console being released the R4 team was put under pressure to release a suitable replacement for the R4i DS which had been released for the Nintendo DSi and DSi XL console. Their answer was to release the R4 3DS which has been built on the successful features of the earlier R4DS and R4i DS cards. With the R4 3DS users of the Nintendo 3DS can now store huge amounts of their personal media files (or any other file types) on a Micro SD or SDHC memory card for playback on their 3DS console. This allows you to play your favourite music, videos, and photos and even read your favourite eBooks; this is all thanks to the little device called the R4.

When it was first released the R4 took the world by storm, combining great user interface with advanced new technology. The R4 3DS is set to follow in its footsteps and there have been a few improvements. Firstly the main improvements come with regards to low times and build quality, both have been improved after years of development and the R4 3DS is now a highly advanced and enjoyable gadget.

The R4 3DS also allows you to updates your R4 3DS cards built in firmware automatically. Thanks to a firmware chip which has been fitted to the R4 3DS you can now automatically update firmware when new releases become available. This means no more problems where your R4 stops working after new updates from Nintendo, the R4 3DS automatically updates itself and will keep your gaming experience trouble free.

Finally the R4 3DS supports both Micro SDHC and SD up to a huge 32GB with the SDHC version, this means you can carry your entire gaming collection around with you on this tiny little card.

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