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The R4 DS with a 2GB micro sd memory card for storing files on.

If you want to make backup for your favorite games, then look no further! R4 card can help you with saving all your data. The two versions of the R4 card, R4 and R4i, can be used to make backups of the games. R4 supports the Ds lite and Nintendo Ds, on the other hand, R4i is compatible with the Dsi Lite. We sell both of the cards along with various bundled memory cards.

Working of R4 card: A look
To read the micro SD memory card, connect the micro SD memory card with the help of any card reader. When the card is connected to the computer, you now have to download the software programs for r4 card and transfer the files to the connected micro SD memory card. YouTube have many videos that explain about this.

Where to get an authentic micro SD memory card?
You can get many bundles for buying an R4 card plus an included memory card, so you are all ready to go! R4 card has the ability to save your videos, images and music files, and you can watch them while you are on your work!

This r4 ds comes bundled with a 2GB memory card.

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