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This r4 ds comes with a high capacity 4GB Micro SDHC memoiry card fro storing even more data !

Making backups of your most loved games is easy now with the help of the R4 card. The versions of the card are compatible with the Ds Lite, Nintendo and Dsi Lite. First version, R4, serves the Nintendo Ds and Ds lite, whereas the second version, R4i, serves the Dsi lite. You can get both the versions here along with various bundled memory cards.

A look at the working of the R4 card:
Connect the micro SD memory card using a card reader to your PC, so that your card could be read. Download the software programs for the r4 card after your card gets connected to your computer and transfer the downloaded files to the connected card. For more information about this, you can find videos on YouTube.

Getting an authentic micro SD memory card:
We deal with providing you bundles of memory card at your purchase of R4 card. The best feature of the R4 card is the ability to store all your media files and data that you can access when you are on the go! You can simply connect the memory card with your PC and transfer all the required data. That's it!

This r4 ds comes bundled with a 4GB micro SDHC memory card.

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