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Our highest capacity R4 DS card with 8GB of space, ideal for as many files as you like.

Attention Nintendo DS owners, expand the capabilities of your system with the R4 or R4i. This device, on the face of it, is an SD card reader, but where the R4 series differs is that it is specifically designed for the Nintendo DS, DS Lite and DSi.

This amazing little unit will provide your Nintendo with ability to play all your games and media files. Also by storing them on an SD memory card you have a back-up of your files should your PC throw a wobbly. You can buy the R4, for the DS and DS Lite or R4i for the DSi from us without an SD card if you wish or we can supply a package that includes a memory card the choice is yours.

This microslot-1 flashcart device is so easy to use, you simply connect a card reader to your PC or laptop, download the software from the net and bobs your uncle you are up and running. Your system will recognize the SD card as a mass storage device so it is a simple task to drag and drop all your files to the SD memory card.

All this at a price you can afford and only the size of a games cartridge.

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