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R4 DS Card

With the new R4 ds card you get full game backups and a host of other features that you are looking for. The R4 ds has two versions and they are r4 and r4i.The first version is suited for the Nintendo Ds and Ds Lite .The r4i is suited for Dsi lite and we sell both these card versions with many bundled memory cards.

How The r4 Card Works For You?
When you are storing files you will need a micro SD memory card that should be connected to your PC with the micro SD card reader. Once connected to your computer you have to download the R4 software and transfer it to the SD memory card. In case you face any problems you can refer to You Tube and get help of many videos that guide you with the process. You can learn from these videos and get all the help that you need.

Where can you get the micro SD memory card?
We provide many bundles and you can buy the R4 DS card with an included memory card and start using it once you are home. It is so simple and convenient that you can start taking backups with success! The greatest benefit of the r4 ds card is that you get to store all your photos, music and videos when you are traveling. All you need to do is simply connect the micro SD memory card from the r4 to your computer and transfer all your files simply!

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