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The R4 DS is a great device, that fits into slot 1 on your Nintendo DS or DS lite console. Click below for more information and to purchase.
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R4 DS Cards:

r4 ds card


The R4 DS card for use with the Nintendo DS or DS lite console, ideal if you have a memory card already.


r4 ds SDHC


The upgrade of the R4 DS , it supports Micro SDHC memory cards (usually above 4GB) for storing even more !


R4 ds 2gb


The R4 DS bundled with a 2GB micro SD memory card. Click below to purchase.


R4 ds 4gb


The R4 DS with a 4GB micro SDHC memory card, ideal if you would like to store a bit more.


R4 ds 8gb


Our highest capacity R4 DS, this comes with an 8GB micro SDHC memory card, ideal for storing a large amount of data.


Most times, it is important to backup all our games, and not just that, it is important to secure the use of a good backup to do this. The r4 ds is backup programs that not only backup your games but also stores all your files with the use of a micro SD memory card. Connection is simple. Your micro memory card can be attached or connected to your pc with the micro SD memory card reader.

The r4 ds software can be downloaded over the internet. The downloaded software is then transferred into your micro SD card for use. Also on Youtube, more videos and can be found in case you need more help. The r4 ds is feature rich and provides you with the edge when it comes to storing music and other files. The best part of it is you can store your videos and images while you are on the go.

The r4 ds is offered in various bundles so each purchase comes with an r4 card and with a memory card added to it. It does not get any better than what you are getting with the r4 card.

The r4 ds card comes to you in two versions. The r4 and the r4i. The r4 version is used for the Nintendo Ds and Ds lite while the r4i is used for the Ds lite. Both are however sold with various bundled memory cards.

R4i DS Cards

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