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R4 DS for Nintendo

You will find numerous things written about these products on internet especially on the official website of these products. But in this article you will find a short review about these products in a layman's language. The foremost DSi card that is introduced especially for R4 DS brand is R4 DSi. The R4 DS SDHC Upgrade Team was the original creator of R4 DSi and it was mainly designed for Nintendo DSi. However, R4 DSi is also compatible with other versions such as Nintendo DS Lite and Nintendo DS. Initially, when R4 DSi was introduced it was only compatible with the Japanese version of DSi however after numerous researches and updates R4 DSi was made compatible with other versions as well.

Initially, the R4 DSi SDHC Team made some error in designing the architecture of the card. Due to this reason the first generation R4 DSi card was not compatible with Nintendo DSi under the 1.4 firmware. The first generation card was not successful. But the R4 DSi card that was bought by NDS-Gear is compatible with 1.4. Nintendo firmware, but still it is not compatible with 1.4.1 version.

However, R4 DSi SDHC cards are actually not manufactured by the people who have initially designed the authentic R4 DS SDHC Card. Today the DS Lite and DS card that you notice on the official website are not the authentic one it is the "R4 DSv3" card. DID is the original producer of the R4 DSi card. The latest version of R4 DSi SDHC card is designed with numerous features and functions like capability to recognize and ability to display SD type, excessive capacity and formatting facility, designed with power saving feature like sleeping mode function, easy and hassle free operated interface, multiple language setting, support up to 32GB micro SD card for storing data, improved performance with any type of card including slower card. The R4 DSi cards are also compatible with NDS games, support cheat codes, designed with soft reset setting that too on a per game basis, the latest UI cheat code is very simple to use thus ensuring you an amazing gaming experience even for novice users. The latest version is designed with Moonshell 2.0 due to which R4 DSi SDHC card offer excellent picture quality and better multimedia experience that too with superior decoding performance. Improved techniques are used to manufacture the latest version due to which no error has been made in shape and size of the device. The thickness of the card and the area of gold finger are mainly controlled by an error range of less than 0.1mm.

The R4 DSi SDHC card supports up to 32GB micro SD cards for data storage. R4 DSi SDHC card is compatible with almost all the versions of console including Nintendo DS, Nintendo DS Lite and DSi consoles.

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