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R4 For DS

R4 DS Revolution/R4 DS/ R4 DS Cards can be termed as the devices for Nintendo DS Lite /Nintendo DS / Nintendo Dsi that helps you playing music, games, reading books, and much more. The R4 DS card is nearly the same size as the ordinary Nintendo DS cartridge. There is a slot at the rear of the R4 DS card from where you may put in a Micro SD card. Here, in this micro SD card you will find firmware, games, and MP3's applications, etc. Now, I guess you too wish to have them in your R4 DS card! After the booting up your Nintendo DS R4 DS, you will get a menu together with your R4 DS card. By using this application you can choose anything and everything from multimedia to games. This also allows you to save n number of games and also keep a backup of some games which you already own.

The R4 DS cards team is known for introducing the R4 DS cards. This group had also brought to the limelight the Nintendo DS R4 DS card in the year 2007. The NDS R4 DS Card's top includes a tiny slot through which you may place in the Micro SD card. However, due to a couple of technical problems the same team established a new card commonly referred to as the "R4 DSv2 Card". The R4 DS card had gained immense popularity but then couldn't retain it for long. This led to the introduction of new cards. These cards include NDS R4 DS Card or R4 DS SDHC. Try out today!

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