r4i ds gold

R4i DS Gold


R4i DS Gold

R4i heralds the next generations in Nintendo DS storage devices - these small and handy DS SLOT 1 flash cartridges ('flash carts') provide you with a complete solution to the gaming experience. Not only is there no need of buying additional (and cumbersome) components, you don't even have to worry about all the confusing software either. This is the best of the best when it comes to DS SLOT 1 carts and is certainly a must buy for anyone who uses a DS lite / DSi hand held.

Further, if you are wondering about which R4i cart you are going to get for yourself, then there is no doubt that you must choose the R4i Gold Edition cart. R4i Gold Edition beats all of other flash carts on many counts. First, it is compatible with DSi Firmware v1.4, and you don't even need to upgrade the firmware from time to time. Moreover, your R4i Gold flash cart will work with the Nintendo DS, DS Lite and Nintendo DSi, and accept even SDHC and Micro SD 32GB cards. As a result, your Nintendo hand held is converted from a simple gaming device to a music player, a movie viewer, photo viewer, and an e-book reader. And all this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Here's a list of what you get when you buy the R41 Gold Edition -
:: A moon-shell version of R4i GE v1.71 compared to the R4i v1.60
:: R4i GE starts up with its own kernel (v1.28) that is quite different for the R4i standard.
:: No need to update firmware with the R4i GE.
:: Supports SDHC, Micro SD, with no time lags
:: Supports rumble pak, memory pak, WIFI, D rumble and D browser.
:: The package includes - an R4i TF Micro SD Adapter, an USB microSD memory card reader / writer, and a protect case.

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