R4i DS

The R4i is the newest flashcard out there for the Nintendo DSi genre. Since the intial group that manufactured the original R4 broke up, comparable products have been made; but, they were all utilizing what is currently considered outdated, hacked firmware. the R4i is the best flashcard available,it is very similar to the original R4 design.

There are alot of expensive and inferior copies on the market so it is important to be vigilant when concidering your R4i purchase. Wherever you get your R4i ds from, be sure to find out if they can supply firmware upgrades; you don't want to discover, down the road, that you don't have the ability to update your firmware. Since the new R4i release, there have already been five updates. Check out the new R4i for your Nintendo Dsi - it's a terrific new product add-on that lets you play homebrew games and gives you several new multi-media features.

The R4i firmware is modeled after the AceKard firmware which is conceivably the best because it is similar to the classic R4 firmware and, therefore, thought to be the most compatible. There are numerous R4i cards for sale that make it hard for you to choose the right one for your portable gaming needs. R4i redbox to name but two. As the original design from a group which has many users consider that the best setting R4i. DS enthusiast with its user friendly interface, amazing features and with a low price tag. your R4i flash card get down to your local retailer or look online, you will not regret it.

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